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Dreaming of London and Elegant Men in Suits
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Ode to Apollo 11 and the joy of discovery + Star Trek (x)


Archangel Michael’s victory over the Devil, sculpture above the main entrance at St. Michaelis Church, Hamburg


"It’s a very interesting relationship that evolved as we shot this movie. It’s about immortality as well. Thranduil’s heartbroken because of things that have happened in the past that makes this relationship very complicated. It’s very hard. It’s a movie very much about fathers and sons–there’s that storyline throughout the movie. Thranduil’s father was killed in a battle that Thranduil fought in. And Legolas’s mother is not here. So there’s that loss, too. There’s definitely a difference of opinion between this father and son. Thranduil wants to stay close to his fortress gates and protect his people, and stay in this wild forest forever. He sees another war ahead but is cautious to participate because he knows the toll death can take on those left behind.  But we know Thranduil will eventually send Legolas out into an even bigger world on The Lord of the Rings journey."

Lee Pace on Thranduil/Legolas


Róbert Borbás Tattoo - Crow

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Bisexual Pride + Visibility Memes (english language). Look here for more:


Holy shit.

I have love nearly every version of Mamoru in every version of Sailor Moon that I’ve consumed.  I enjoy his character and how he’s a perfect match for Usagi.  I enjoy his character for his own sake, but especially the way he interacts with others, and he’s gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous in the manga and I feel things for PGSM Mamoru, etc.

But goddamn.

The way Tani plays the character is just utter fucking perfection, she nails everything that’s important about the character.  I find her to be stunningly attractive (holy shit, she is so gorgeous), but also she just fucking spot on with Mamoru’s gallant, gentle prince qualities while still making him warm and affectionate, while also being charming as hell.

The way she sings the characters songs, that look in that last cap, I don’t know that any other actor could have pulled it off and had me think it was perfect for Mamoru (who tends to be more stereotypically reserved and polite), but WOW DOES SHE EVER SELL IT FLAWLESSLY.

The way she swishes that cap, the way she carries herself, Tani is right up there with manga!Mamoru for me in terms of my favorite version of this character, SHE IS JUST SO PERFECT IN THE ROLE, HOLY CRAP.