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Dreaming of London and Elegant Men in Suits
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fresh new meme idea - celebrities with lee pace’s eyebrows
i regret most things but this is not one of them


Alexander McQueen


Hannibal cinematography: time lapse

Time lapse is a technique in which the frequency at which frames are captured is lower than the frequency at which they are viewed, giving the impression of time flying by. Executive Producer David Slade describes the use of time lapse for establishing location shots as a deliberate choice to invoke uncertainty in the audience. Such shots suggest an ambiguity over the passage of time, so that the viewer is unsure how much time has passed between scenes. [x]


Full customization project for a friend.


Pokras Lampas: Calligraphy on girls

 POKRAS LAMPAS, Artist on Tumblr | on Behance

Calligraphy: Pokras Lampas
Photo: Igor Koshelev
Model: Glaphira Veretennikova


Look a little young to drive, there, kiddo.

The beginning of the end of the end of the beginning has begun.